The BSIDE® Pirineu Vertical is a Vertical Kilometer Championship formed by 5 different races in an incomparable environment. Starting at the end of March with the Ogassa VK this year it is the only race of the Verticals Championship of Catalonia, and ends in an unbeatable environment with the Olla de Núria VK, the second week of June. The Championship completes with the Vall de Ribes XS VK, the Esquella VK and the Batega al Bac VK.

When we considered the possibility of collaborating with this Championship, we did not doubt a second about it. VK races are perhaps the closest thing to the original values of the first Skyrunning Championships and World Cups.

A VK is an explosive, authentic test that seeks to reach the summit in the shortest possible time for the fastest and most direct route as possible. Everything always from the maximum respect to the mountain, the surroundings, and the people who participate.

This philosophy is what guides our activity day by day, and what drives us and inspires us when we want to launch new products.

If you like mountain, explosiveness, speed and altitude, we hope to have you in this unmatched Championship.


From the first day it was clear to us that our relationship with the MOUNTAIN RACES had to be of total cooperation; a collaboration in which both sides helped us to grow mutually, and we could convey the original values ​​of this sport, which have been lost so much in recent times.

Every year we select the races we work with, based on ethical and moral criteria, respect for nature, the environment and the values ​​of solidarity, respect and love for the mountain that we defend so well.


From BSIDE® Sports we believe in the collaborative economy. For this reason we work and collaborate closely with different COMPANIES AND MANAGEMENT ENTITIES, events organizations, stores and timing companies, among others.