Our company

BSIDE® Sports is an sportswear manufacturer, based in Perpignan, with a huge experience and know-how on the production of all kind of garments and apparel for sports.

Over the past few years, we have developed and produced sportswear collections for different kind of customers and white labels:

  1. Mountain races of the international World Series
  2. Marathons and asphalt races
  3. International sports events
  4. Sports federations and selections
  5. White label products for different outdoor brands in France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain.
  6. Comprehensive project development and new brands launching
At the end of 2016, beyond continuing manufacturing for other prestigious brands, we decided to launch our own sportswear brand, taking advantage of the knowledge acquired during the years of manufacture, and the experience in the management of brands and licenses. 
BSIDE® Sports is born with the enthusiasm to offer to its customers a collection of technical products of the highest quality, entirely manufactured in Barcelona, ​​and tested in competition by our athletes.
From the beginning our goal has always been to invest all our resources in the quality of the fabrics and raw materials used, through a process of permanent research and development of new threads and fabrics, with the the application of new technologies.


R+D+i projects & Eco-friendly

An R+D+i service focused on facilitating life to our customers, with practical products, useful and with exceptional performance in the worst conditions. And all, keeping us faithful to our values ​​of respect for the nature and the environment that surrounds us, with a clear and transparent Environment Policy:
  1. With a proximity manufacturing.
  2. Using recycled materials in some of our collection products, like the recycled polyester from the reuse and recycling of plastic bottles that we use on some of our trail t-shirts.
  3. With the traceability and follow-up of the raw materials we consume, reducing the contamination index and ensuring that in the case of natural fibers no animal exploitation or maltreatment has taken place (as in the case of the merino wool we use)..
  4. Committed to the most eco-sustainable manufacturers, in order to ensure that they are met with the social, ethical and environmental expectations of our customers throughout the whole chain of production of our products.

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