One of the strengths of our brand is, clearly, the human team that is part of our project. Nothing would be the same without all those people who, directly or indirectly, collaborate with us in order to improve the quality of our products and make us grow as a company.

Nothing defines a brand better than the nature, philosophy, attitude and mentality of its ambassadors.

For that reason, when we decided to create a team of people linked to the brand, our priority was to create a Human Team who shared our values ​​of solidarity, humility, respect, and love for the mountain and the sport.

In an increasingly competitive world, where it seems that the only truly important thing is the result, from BSIDE® Sports we want to recover the original values ​​of this sport and contribute, as far as possible, to educate new generations to enjoy to the maximum of the mountain, from the respect to the other and to the surroundings that surround us.

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